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Creative Cocooning: A Safe Place for Dramatic Change

Creative Cocooning: A Safe Place for Dramatic Change


Provider: Hospi Corporation

Leann Thrapp, MA, BSN, RN, CHPCA, Opus Peace Ambassador

Description: Cultivating the courage to change is the purpose of cocooning. It is also an important step in healing Soul InjuriesPersonal losses, fears, and brokenness can then be used as catalysts for metamorphosis and growth. The concept of “cocooning” is important throughout the life cycle during times of transition: divorce, job change, entering/leaving the military, death, illness, mid-life changes, identity crises, aging, etc.

To achieve pervasive peace, we have to learn how to successfully navigate these changes to grow into deeper dimensions of ourselves so that we can accommodate new demands. These times of transition can be fraught with resistance and turmoil. Learning how to navigate transitions so we can let go of who we are and open up to who we are capable of becoming is invaluable.

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