The Macy Catheter®

Faster. Safer. More Cost-Effective.

Why choose the Macy Catheter?

Medication and fluid administration is easy, quick, and comfortable for the patient.

Patented and FDA-cleared to provide rectal access for administration of medications and fluids

Safer and more comfortable method of medication administration than other options like IV and SubQ

Easy set-up, maintenance, and drug disposal

Discreet (After the initial insertion, which is painless, the catheter is accessed at the patient's thigh or abdomen)

Caregivers/loved ones can administer medications and reinsert if necessary

Non sterile placement; can be placed by any licensed clinician

Our Story

Find a quick overview of our novel medication and fluid administration device and its history.

Product Information

Explore fact sheets that show why the Macy Catheter can be the best option for medication and fluid administration.


Access a collection of scientific publications, case studies, and white papers about the Macy Catheter and the rectal route.

Instructional Videos

Learn how to use the Macy Catheter for medication and fluid administration via the rectal route.


Find success stories from clinicians and caregivers across the country who have used the Macy Catheter to help alleviate patients’ symptoms.