On-Demand Webinar:

The Death Doula Movement

The Death Doula Movement

Dianne Gray
Kimberly Paul

Description: Please join us in a discussion with Q&A about the Death Doula movement with Dianne Gray and Kimberly Paul. Hear the amazing journeys of these two women as they share their own experiences, which led to their mission to help others facing death or loss of a loved one. They will give a brief history of the death doula movement and discuss where it is headed in the future, then answer questions from the participants.

About the Panelists: Dianne Gray has been a Death Doula for more than 30 years and has been a global keynote speaker, author, TV/radio host and guest, and President of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation. Kimberly Paul left her job in the entertainment industry when she felt a calling to work as an advocate for patients facing end of life and to motivate them to take charge of their journey. In 2018, Kimberly published “Bridging the Gap: Life Lessons of the Dying.”

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