Nurse and Family Satisfaction // Unity Hospice

“Having it available gives the nurses the opportunity to do their job in the field in a quicker manner… It gives job satisfaction to the hospice nurses because they know they can do what they set out as their mission to do.” –Dr. Amy James, MD | Medical Director

“Once it’s in place, the families can take over a lot of the medication management and reinsertion. I think it also empowers our families. They feel like they’re really providing a benefit by being at the bedside.” –Tara L. Kerscher, RN | Home Care Nurse

“Of course, as a nurse, we want to support and provide adequate medication and comfort measures. At this point, I highly recommend it to patients and their families. It has amazed us all.” –Ida A. Fameree, RN | Inpatient Residence Nurse

“The nurses who have used them have loved them. I haven’t found anyone who’s said, ‘Yeah, I tried it. It didn’t work.’ Nope, Mom doesn’t even have to roll over. Dad can stay right how he is. Look! It’s right on top of his leg. We don’t even have to wake him up to give him this medication. We don’t even have to disturb him. I have not had anyone say no to me yet.” –Angie L. Ott, RN, CHPN | Nursing Educator & AHA BLS Instructor

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