Pain and Nausea Controlled for Gastroparesis Patient

The Macy Catheter has been a great intervention for both my patient and her husband as the primary caregiver.


Registered Nurse, Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care


I am an RN, CHPN and have worked in Hospice for over 3 years. I began my nursing career working in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) 7 years ago. During this time, I worked with different hospice nurses who were coordinating care for our patients at the SNF. I really enjoyed taking care of the hospice patients and working with these special caregivers, which is how I ended up transitioning to become a hospice nurse at Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care!


My patient is a 68-year-old female with a primary diagnosis of Gastroparesis. She experiences high levels of pain and nausea, which are the main symptoms we are always working to help control to get her comfortable.

When she was first admitted to Rainbow Hospice Care, she was receiving bolus feedings and medications via her J-tube. She had a long history of clogging up her J-Tube and was frustrated with the inconvenience and discomfort associated with going to the Emergency Department regularly to get it replaced.


After receiving the Macy Catheter training, I decided to introduce the concept of the catheter to the patient and her primary caregiver, her husband. I shared that the Macy Catheter would be an alternative method to administer medications that would help eliminate the risk of clogging up the J-tube. All the medications she was currently taking (Lorazepam, Dilaudid, Haldol) are well absorbed with excellent results when administered via the catheter. My patient and her husband were very open to giving the catheter a try.


After educating my patient and her husband, I quickly inserted the catheter. Much to my surprise, she said she didn’t feel a thing! Her husband was comfortable giving her medications via the catheter. The catheter was reinserted if it came out with a bowel movement. The patient continues to use with success. She even reports higher levels of both pain and nausea control with the medications administered rectally (vs. her J-tube). The Macy Catheter has been a great intervention for both my patient and her husband as the primary caregiver.

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