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Soul Injury: Liberating Unmourned Loss and Unforgiven Guilt

Soul Injury: Liberating Unmourned Loss and Unforgiven Guilt

Presenter: Deborah Grassman, CEO, Opus Peace

The mental and emotional injuries that accompany trauma are readily identified. Less recognized are the insidious wounds that occur with trauma and, indeed, with all of us when we become separated from our real self. Whether traumatic or insidious, Soul Injuries cut us off from the energy of our deepest self, robbing us of the essence of our being. Connecting with the part of self generating the pain, paradoxically, restores wholeness. Thus, soul restoration includes learning how to re-own, re-home, and revitalize scattered pieces of self by cultivating personal intimacy with the part of self carrying our emotional pain. The basis for addressing Soul Injury originated with a group of VA hospice nurses who cared for 10,000 dying Veterans. The nurses witnessed Soul Injuries firsthand as they surfaced unbidden on combat Veterans’ deathbeds. Let “warrior wisdom” show you how the heart can be disarmed from fear and revitalized through love, forgiveness, and self-compassion – a process that “restoreths the soul.”

Resources: Arizona Geriatrics Society, Boston Globe article, National Proclamation, OP Soul Injury Self-Awareness Tool, Soul Injury Fact Sheet

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