On-Demand Webinar:

Topical Compound Prescribing in Hospice: Five Things Every Clinician Should Know

Speaker: Dr. Joseph Solien, PharmD, BCPP, BCGP

Moderator: Brad Macy, RN, BA, BSN, CHPN

Description: Despite reputable published evidence, compounded topical drug preparations containing drugs that are not absorbed through the skin are still prescribed. Reasons for the practice likely include habit, wishful thinking, and acquiescing to the wishes of group home/facilities to avoid upsetting referral sources.

Upon completion of the webinar, attendees should be able to:

1. List molecular characteristics that facilitate transdermal absorption.

2. Evaluate absorption studies and molecular characteristics of medications that are commonly included in topical compounds.

3. Characterize pushback against science-based avoidance of topical compounds.

Speaker Bio: Joseph Solien, PharmD, BCPP, BCGP is responsible for OnePoint Patient Care’s national clinical services programs, including staff and partner education, formulary design and development, and medication utilization reviews. He is the primary author of the OnePoint Patient Care Clinical Symptom Guide, which is currently in its 3rd edition. He began working for OnePoint as a Pharmacy Student Intern in 2004 and became a staff pharmacist after graduation. In 2010, he was promoted to Clinical Pharmacist and has continued to serve on the Clinical Team in a number of roles since then.

Joseph earned a PharmD from Midwestern University – Glendale and is board certified in both Psychiatric and Geriatric Pharmacy. He earned a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a BA in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

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