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Learn how to access the Macy Catheter® through your healthcare provider.

Patented and FDA-cleared, Hospi Corporation’s Macy Catheter® facilitates quick and effective symptom management by providing rectal access for medication and fluid administration.

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“Based on my experience on our hospice inpatient unit, the Macy Catheter is faster than subcutaneous in controlling pain with opioids and I am able to control pain with less opioid dose adjustments. It is also very effective in most instances in quickly controlling terminal agitation and other symptoms. It saves nursing time and decreases medication cost and waste. I will never go back to my prior practice and will continue using the Macy Catheter.”
Geraldine Wolfolk
Caregiver – California
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Still wondering how exactly the Macy Catheter works?

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Peruse a collection of fact sheets that show why the Macy Catheter can be the best option for medication and fluid administration.
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Learn how to use the Macy Catheter for medication and fluid administration via the rectal route.