In an article published by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, “Dehydration is a major concern for nursing homes, as it can often snowball into much more serious issues, such as delirium, falls, constipation and urinary tract infections.” A systematic review of 19 studies tied to dehydration was conducted by researchers from Austria and the Netherlands. Their results pinpointed 49 different identified risk factors for dehydration.

In a case series review, a specialized rectal administration catheter provided effective short term hydration in all patients in a skilled nursing setting. The catheter intervention was successful in avoiding emergency room or hospital transfers in 7 of the 9 (78%) patients with conditions deemed serious enough to mandate hospitalization if not treated within the facility.

A study entitled, A Novel Approach for the Administration of Medications and Fluids in Emergency Scenarios and Settings, offers an easy route to quickly provide medications and fluids in patients with limited or difficult IV access. According to the authors, “This method of medication delivery provided a useful alternative treatment modality to address challenging medication and fluid administration conditions.”

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